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Not your typical puzzle room, this is an unforgettable live-action adventure game.

The Immersium's first mission "Commandeered" is an interactive and entertaining immersive puzzle room adventure unlike any other. It's part movie, part escape game with intriguing puzzles, and a beautifully crafted storyline. We take the escape room idea to the next level when your team sneaks aboard our 45-foot long wooden ship with 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles, and complete your mission. Everything on the ship is part of the game, and anything could be the key to solving the next puzzle that could lead to a successful mission.
Immersium - Commandeered Escape Room Rigging
Immersium - Commandeered Escape Room Reno Mission Envelope

Private Games

Great for Groups of
3 - 10

60 Minutes
to Complete Your Mission

Here, you don't just play the game,
you get lost in the game


Escape aboard our 45 ft wooden ship

Solve the puzzle of Napoleon's lost brother

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What is The Immersium?

The Immersium is a gateway to new and fantastic worlds through experiences most-often compared to escape rooms or puzzle rooms. Reno, NV is where you can find expertly designed and built adventures for groups of 3 - 10 people. Founded by avid escape room enthusiasts who always wanted a more captivating experience, it's the answer to the question, why can't we create a fully immersive group puzzle adventure? Rather than office buildings with drop ceilings and fluorescent lights, why not spaces that whisk you away into another time and place?

And so the Immersium was born. Where you can escape your world through our premium, grand scale escape room adventures. Begin the game with a rich, historical fiction backstory and set off on an exciting mission with your group. We build large, elaborate set designs that make the outside world disappear as you search for clue and puzzles. World renowned and highly talented composers write our original music soundtracks. Finally, the experience is brought to life with theatrical lighting, special effects, and intricate scenic details and props.

The Next Generation of Escape Room

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"The Immersium is a different take on the typical escape room. They really do try to surround you in the theme way more than I'd expected with lights, sounds, and a pretty authentic set! They do NOT "lock" you in a room, toss you a walkie talkie, as you monitor a countdown timer on the wall. It was also perfect for our larger group so that we didn't have to be split up. I'm looking forward to the next adventure at The Immersium!"

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"We tried the Immersium two days ago, and had the BEST time. We went with a couple of friends and our son, and we all had an amazing experience. We have done several escape rooms in the past, but Immersium takes it to the next level. The atmosphere of the ship, the room, the music, the cannon fire... you forget you're in a room, and get transported into the game. "

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"We booked the Immersium for an afternoon of team building with our company. The detail in the puzzle room was beyond our expectations and the game was fully engaging. Team building, date night, family time, etc, It's a definite "must do"! Thank you Josh and the Immersium team, it was awesome and we all had so much fun!"

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